Friday, August 10, 2012

Ricotta Vanilla Pound Cake

Today I made lots of food. I made black bean burgers and put them on toasted fresh bread from the local bakery along with goat cheese, avocado, tomato, and arugula. I made a ricotta vanilla pound cake and a fresh raspberry sauce to go with it. It was all pretty yummy, if I do say so myself.

Today was my first day home in a while. I spent the summer teaching seventh graders and it was absolutely incredible. I'm trying to make this cake into an analogy for the summer. Everything I'm coming up with is sort of ridiculous.
"This simple cake represented the simplicity of teaching..."
"This cake offers sweetness and tart without being overwhelming..."

It was actually overwhelming and insane. They did crazy things, they drove me nuts, they made me want to laugh when I should act stern, they humbled my conceited butt like no butt has been humbled before. The dessert I should relate to my summer would probably be this one:

This is the Chocolate Avalanche Cake I made with my friend a couple summers ago. This is what my summer was like. It was over-the-top, it had lots of different weird things smashed together, it was really sweet, and it sort of fell apart in the middle but turned out delicious anyways.

But this pound cake is my day-after-coming-home cake. It's beautiful and sweet but not an avalanche. It's a good "this ended" cake. It was a "use up the fat-free ricotta in the fridge" cake. It was a "get some fresh raspberries from the grocery store" cake.

It's because I'm sad. I hate this sad. My cake says "It ended and your life is not as worthwhile now as it was a couple days ago." I felt like this last summer, too, and I did today what I did before: I made up things to do. I relearned how to ride a bike and biked a lot, I remembered how to rollerblade and rollerbladed a lot, I went to a spinning class, I baked and cooked, I read. I'm sort of avoiding being sad and making up fulfilling stuff for me to do.

So, at the end of this depressing post, today's good thing of the day is feeling sad. For me, it means that even though it's gone, something good happened. I'm sad because I was so recently so incredibly happy. I just broke up with teaching and I'm using desserts and wheels to avoid it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cupcakes through the ages (okay, this past year)

Hey! This is my first post in a while. The baking situation here is still on edge. 

All right, and also I'm super busy. I'd like to say "it's just that time of year," but it's not. There's always something to do! This should be a wonderful week, though- both my younger sister and my best friend from high school are visiting. I can't wait to show them both around the beautiful campus and catch up. 

I don't really have much to write today, but I'm putting up pictures from a while ago just to switch things up a bit. Also, those cell-phone photos of the chocolate cakes are not very beautiful! So here are some cupcakes I made for various bake sales. You can tell which seasons they were, especially St. Patrick's Day!

Apparently, South Park is a big deal.

Thanks to Hello, Cupcake for the Pie and Marshmallow Flower ideas! Those guys are brilliant:)

And today's Good Thing of the Day: Late nights talking to a friend. Sometimes sleep is important. Sometimes it's a worthwhile sacrifice for an interesting conversation or a wonderful person. And sometimes there's no contest. I am so blessed to have people around me for whom I would willingly take up a coffee habit in the mornings (an addiction I'm hoping to put off as long as possible!) in exchange for extra hours smiling and laughing with somebody I love.