Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday while grocery shopping my mom and I saw a bag of enormous marshmallows, which prompted a craving to eat them in her mind and a craving to make them in my mind. Thus, I purchased some gelatin and whipped these babies up! She's a huge coconut nut, so I used that version.

The process got me thinking, though; are marshmallows really just sugar Jell-o, frothed into a frenzy? I think they are, which seems like an odd concept.

In other news, the good thing of the day (another stellar grocery purchase):

Diet A&W cream soda.

So I suppose the theme here is sugary vanilla items.

(Coconut marshmallow recipe from the Barefoot Contessa)

Monday, August 30, 2010

doughnuts (welcome!)

These seem like a nice "welcome" to my blog; after all, they are theoretically breakfast fare. To people who believe that breakfast should be a healthy, purposeful meal for healthy, purposeful people to start off their healthy, purposeful day:

I'm actually with you. I made these for dessert.

However, giving yourself a nice jolt of sugar-filled, deep fried, chocolate-icing energy really SHOULD be a morning tradition, as opposed to indulging in such a practice directly after a large meal, and directly before bedtime. This is why I'm not worried that a certain somebody in my family brought a couple to work today (frankly, they deserve a few extra calories and sprinkles).

So today's "Good Thing" of the day is this: a sweet start to any day.

Bienvenue autrefois!

(Doughnuts: Yeast-Raised Doughnuts from King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion, maple icing from Paula Deen, chocolate icing found online - post from "colonel jimbo".)