Wednesday, September 1, 2010

pitas (first and second iterations)

Today I realized how circular life can sometimes be. My sister's recent foray into the world of gardening earlier this summer (and her subsequent discovery that she is the lucky possessor of a pair of "green thumbs") yielded some nice, colorful results. That day for dinner was the first time I diverged from the Dessert section of my beloved King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion into the world of Flatbreads, and I was surprised to find that pitas were just as rewarding to make as pavlovas. Then, yesterday for lunch, I decided I needed to use up some tomatoes and basil we had (and had fun taking photos!) and today I again made pita bread. Maybe this hot weather has me thinking I'm on the Mediterranean.

Tomatoes and basil from my sister's garden, earlier this summer:

The first pita exploration, with more homegrown tomatoes

And now fast-forward to this week! Unplanned similarities... I guess some foods are just too good to have only once.
The prettiest part of yesterday's lunch:

And today's pitas:

Today's good thing is tomatoes and basil. Such a classic combination; it never gets old or overused, and it's delicious without being fussy. Salads. Sandwiches. Chicken. Pasta. Omelets. Soup. Bread. Pizza. Those Italians were so smart! Just add some fresh mozzarella and you have their flag.

(Pita recipe from... where else?... King Arthur)

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